Located in the surroundings of the National Park of Monfragüe and belonging to its region this town of Caceres will surprise you for its natural environment.

Cañaveral is a villa since the sixteenth century when it was called Cañaveral de Alconétar and was under the influence of the Templars then it was Cañaveral of the Limas. Their inns served the mule driver and the transfer of transhumant livestock in the complex itinerary of the Tajo where the Roman Bridge of Alconétar from the time of Trajan was already a place of transit as it was a mandatory step in the Route of Silver.

Strolling through its surroundings you will be able to contemplate the typical beauty of the Extremadura landscapes and you will find historical buildings such as the church of Santa Marina and the hermitage of San Roque. As an architectural personality of the population it is necessary to refer to the bulky size of its chimneys.

Among its dishes you can see the great culinary tradition of all Extremadura, as is evident in the orange salad, migas, blood sausage and stew. And to get to know more about its popular customs there is nothing better than go into its festivals such as San Benito, San José Obrero, Virgen de Cabezón and San Roque. A few dates that you can now add to your calendar of celebrations.

Cañaveral - Arco
Cañaveral - Chimenea
Cañaveral - iglesia
Cañaveral - Sierra - Arco