Valle del Jerte y Plasencia

The Jerte Valley is one of the most popular nature, rest and relaxation destinations in Extremadura. It is located in the northeast of Extremadura, a few kilometers from Plasencia.

Its location and orography make it has its own microclimate ideal for the farming of cherries and to enjoy an exceptional natural environment and beautiful places full of canyons of natural water.

Next to this valley is the city of Plasencia where we can enjoy a walk through its streets and visit the cathedrals (the Old and the New), the Jewish quarter, its numerous gates and countless historical corners that touch in our memory. We must not fail to look in his main square for Grandpa Mayorga on the top of tower of the Town Hall.

Two cathedrals in one, a Gothic cathedral, the oldest, next to another Renaissance. Inside it has one of the best examples of retables of Extremadura of the seventeenth century and its plateresque cover is the best example of this style in the region. In the same cathedral you can enter a museum, which includes a table of Luis de Morales de La Piedad, an archaeological collection and 80 books of Choir.

Surrounding the cathedrals and walking a few meters to the southeast we can see part of the walls that surrounded the city since the year 1200. Currently 21 of the 71 original towers of the wall are preserved. If we have time we can find it by meeting the Aqueduct of San Antón next to which is the Pinos Ornitological Park.

Jerte - Cerezos
Jerte - Caozo
Plasencia - catedral
Plasencia - acueducto