Route Via Silver

Roman causeway that in the beginning linked Emerita Augusta (Merida) with Asturica Augusta (Astorga) and that continued to Seville in the south, and up to Gijón in the north. The primitive causeway and its natural extensions created a great route of communication that linked the Cantabrian ledge with the lands of southern Hispania through which goods, soldiery, merchants and travelers circulated in a continuous transit.

This route continued to be used over the centuries both by Arabs and Christians during the Middle Ages to continue later playing an important role in the communications network of the Iberian Peninsula. Its richness of the historical past is evident in the innumerable vestiges that make its tour, which offers one of the most interesting ensembles of our historical heritage.

Puente romano
Torre de Floripes
Oveja y cordero
Via de la Plata - Seta